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Welcome to Waterman Camp



Waterman Camp is situated in a little forest, very close to river Hron in the village of Jur nad Hronom, between the cities of Levice and Želiezovce. The Camp is found in a quiet and undisturbed environment on the periphery of the settlement but not far from the Kantína Bar and other services.


The area covers more than 3 ha and it is equipped with a fixed access road. There are huge number of plots for camping and caravanning. The Camp has a full network of public utilities. The reception house is nearly complete, where the visitors will have community room with Television set, telephone, internet and a little kitchen, where they can prepare their food, coffee or tea. Inside the reception house there is going to be a loft converted for the accommodation of 14 people.

The area has a 50 m2 big stage for cultural and social events or various dance ones. In front of the stage there will be a beach volley field, a volleyball field and a playground found.

Price list


Tax of stay

0.33 € / person / night

Stay in Camping Vodník

3 € */ person / night


(8 places)

45 € */ object / night

1 pers. 12,60 € / night

2 pers. 12,60 € / night

3 pers. 18,00 € / night

4 pers. 23,40 € / night

5 pers. 28,80 € / night

6 pers. 34,20 € / night

7 pers. 39,60 € / night

8 pers. 45,00 € / night

Bungi 1

(5 places)

Bungi 2

(5 places)

50 € */ object / night

1 pers. 20,00 € / night

2 pers. 20,00 € / night

3 pers. 30,00 € / night

4 pers. 40,00 € / night

5 pers. € 50.00 / night

Juro 1

(5 places)

Juro 2

(5 places)

Juro 3

(5 places)

40 € */  object / night

1 pers. 16, 00 € / night

2 pers. 16, 00 € / night

3 pers. 24, 00 € / night

4 pers. 32, 00 € / night

5 pers. 40.00 € / night


Place for caravan

with el connection

10 € */ day

without el. connection

5 € */ day


* The residence tax is paid for each accommodation separately 





(4.5 m) (2 - 3 persons)

 10 € */ person / day

12 € / day


(5.2 m) (3 to 5 persons)

 10 € */ person / day

12 € / day


(2 - 3 persons)

 10 € */ person / day

12 € / day


(1 - 2 persons)

 10 € */ person / day

12 € / day


(2 - 3 persons)

 10 € */ person / day

12 € / day


(2 - 3 persons)

 10 € */ person / day

12 € / day

* The price includes (helmet, paddle, lifejacket, casket)


Token for the showers

1 €

A tent

2 € / day

Sleeping bag

1 € / day


2 € / day


1 € / day

Life jacket

2 € / day

Barrel for storing equipment

1 € / day



For individual requests, discounts and other questions please contact us by phone or e-mail.









PaedDr. Ján Füri

0905 345 738




Main groups of visitors:
• families with children
• boatmen
• bike tourists
• company meetings
• sport camps
• groups with various interests
• youth camps



The washing and lavatory facilities are also an important part of the campsite. The hygienic requirements are provided by lavatories, showers.

Recently our main visitors are boatmen from each part of Slovakia and also from Czech Republic.

We can borrow boats and other accessories for you...


The Bar Kantina, pizzeria La Cantina and the kitchen are close to the area, approximately 150 meters (164 yards).



The equipment of the camp


Building tents by the water warm water restaurant
building tents in the woods
small kitchen playground
ATM dogs allowed sport equipment lending
Tent equipment lending lavatory / shower fireplace
Chemical lavatory discharging area fenced / guarded area green / shade
Wi-fi washing machine sport field


Payment available:

Bank transfer


Internet banking

Payment cards

Luncheon voucher



The settlement of Jur nad Hronom

The settlement of Jur nad Hronom is located in lowlands, its surroundings do not mark the activity of industrial presence. The standalone village is a prospering community and is a center of several adjacent smaller villages. There is a richness of cultural and social event taking place, you can read more on the official site…

Jur nad Hronom – Jur (George) Park

The newly restored Jur Park also provides a nice resting place. Part of the area is a resting place, the amphitheater is capable for organizing festivals, the sport field holds the opportunity of playing tennis, volleyball, basketball or football.

Jur nad Hronom – Football field

About 250 meters (273 yards) from our campsite you will be able to see the maintained football field where dear visitors can utilize their sporting experience, too.

Jur nad Hronom – Local bar with pizzeria

Jur nad Hronom – Fishing

In case of interest we can provide opportunity of fishing for sport fishermen and anglers.

Jur nad Hronom – Country House

One of the nicest treasures of the settlement is country house “Duba” and can be proud of amenities of rich antiquity. Originally, a peasant house built at the end of 19th century introduces the way of living, the work and tradition of the population not just inside the village but the surrounding, too. Each collection is a gift of public or the property of Duba family. The part of the museum is the memorial room granted to the school.

Levice – Margita Ilona Spa

Margita Ilona Spa has an important role of public spas situated 5 km from our campsite. It has 4 swimming pools, sport fields, restaurants and pubs.

Podhájska – Thermal Bath

Podhájska belongs to one of Slovakia’s most visited places with both spa and touristic experience. It is a thermal bath which helped a lot of people with its effects and with its compound it is unique in these areas and has similar effects like Dead Sea.



Services and Pricelist

Our prices are stated very visitor-friendly, our goal is to have a lot of completely satisfied visitors, who will return to us again and again.

Services – Waterman Camp, Jur nad Hronom, 162

Camping place
  • nice environment
  • clean water and warm water
  • electrical socket 230 V
  • hygienic equipment of lavatory and showers
  • discharging area for cleaning chemical lavatory and other services
  •  kitchen equipment for preparing and fridge for storing food, freezer
  •  washing machine
  • free wifi
  • close to river Hron
  • dogs allowed
  • family, company events, feasts and courses, availability projection



Pub Jur nad Hronom 180

Daily services between 07:00am – 11:00pm 

Restaurant – Pizzeria information and order

For order or every Friday and Saturday between 05:00pm – 11:00pm


Beach volleyball or other ball games


Bicycle, canoe equipment, sport equipment or items for camping and scouting

Transport Services

We offer programs for groups including providing necessary items, transport to the start place with a vehicle of 9 seats + trailer, collecting and transporting the groups at the finish line or other agreed place back to the campsite or other agreed place…details in pricelist


In case of special services and requirements feel free to contact the proprietor personally or via email.

Click here to view the pricelist




Paed Dr. Ján Füri

Jur nad Hronom (Garamszentgyörgy) sz. 179

935 57


tel. +421 905 345 738






  • village Jur nad Hronom
  • folklore museum Duba
  • lakes for fishing
  • sport fields
  • river Hron
  • thermal spas (Margita Ilona, Štúrovo - Vadaš, Podhájska)
  • Levice - fortress and Tekov museum